Happiness! The key to peaceful Life.|15 Traits of Happy People

Introduction to Happiness

We all want to be happy. It’s everyone’s basic goal: To be happy. Sounds simple, but it could be elusive. How can we be truly happy? Or at least happier than we are now? By now you’ve probably heard that happiness is not found, it’s created.  You can decide to be happier, and with this intention, actually become happier.

It’s a matter of changing your perspective and adopting some better habits. While this may be easier for some people than others, I believe we all can learn to be happier and adopt a healthier mindset. I believe we all can learn to be happier and adopt a healthier mindset. First of all each and every human beings are unique in themselves.

Essentially happiness would mean different to different individual. At the same time let us assume what is good for the individual is not necessarily good for the society. Subsequently different societies have different meaning to happiness. Then here comes whether happiness is universalistic or individualistic virtues.

Let us analysis the word happiness in different time and space and try to find the real meaning of life in order to stay happy. According to a ‘Utilitarian philosopher’, Jeremy Bentham,

“Happiness is the maximizing the amount of goods and minimizing the sufferings”.

Is it always viable to give monetary comparison to happiness? Not necessarily because when we compare our happiness. With monetary value it contradict the very existence of individualism, community right by not respecting their due or virtues. Sometimes it is justified to kill one person to save lives of five other persons, it is also justified to rehabilitate and destroy the cultural values and ethos of tribal community in the name of development. These justification are given on the context of happiness which might be true for some sections of society but not meant for the whole society. Now, let us see what traits do the people inculcate in themselves to lead a Happy Life.

Lists of 15 traits of Happy people.

  • Optimistic, and have a positive mindset

The happiest people are optimistic and have a positive mindset. They see the silver lining in everything.They focus on what they have vs. what they lack. In every problem they face, they see the good that came out of it.

  • Gratitude 

Happy people cultivate habits of gratitude, feeling thankful for their lives and everything they have. Their lives may not be perfect, but they know that they are lucky to have so much already. They don’t take anything for granted and consistently feel grateful for it all.

  • Let things go

They aren’t too defensive or stubborn, and they’re willing to admit.when they’re wrong and apologize, rather than put up a fight.

  • Live in the present

Their mind doesn’t get stuck in the past or the future. They’re not dwelling on the past nor are they wasting time worrying about what hasn’t even happened yet. Rather, they can live in the NOW, and find joy in the moment.

  • Live aligned to their values

This one is major. They aren’t living for others – not their parents, their friends, or society’s expectations on them. They aren’t putting up a false front, which is really important. They’ve learned to listen to their own inner voice and only do what makes them truly happy.

  • Cultivate self love and confidence

They understand the importance of believing in yourself and being your own best friend. They’re rooting for themselves and putting their own needs first, because they know they deserve it.

  • Focus on their wins and how far they’ve come

Celebrating themselves often. They’re proud of their accomplishments and acknowledge their self worth, rather than belittling themselves.

  • Resilience and self forgiveness

Everybody makes mistakes, everybody falls. Happy people can pick themselves back up and try again. Rather than being hard on themselves and making the situation worse, they can simply forgive and keep going.

  • Surround themselves with other happy people

Happiness is good vibes, and that’s a very real feeling. Happiness is contagious, so spending time with happy people will make you happier too.

  • Happy people give back

They are kind and care about giving back to others in need. It makes them feel fulfilled and thus, happier.

  • Creative in Nature

Happy people are all creative in some way. They have an outlet of self expression – it doesn’t have to be through their job. Humans are creative beings, and the act of creating makes people happy. In a way, if we’re not creating, we’re destroying.

  • Meditation

Whether it’s through meditation or another mindfulness practice, happy people practice honing their mind, gaining inner peace and detaching from their ego and their emotions.

  • Get enough sleep

Sleep is so essential for us to function as healthy human beings. You and I both know that lack of sleep can make us suffer: we get cranky, angry, impatient and unappreciative. It’s hard to be happy when you’re suffering. So definitely, get your sleep.

  • Have a selective perspective of looking

Happy people look at those who are beneath them and do not look at those who are above them, As it is more suitable that we should not consider as less the blessing of Almighty. With regards to money, health and all other matters. Except in matters of Good Deeds. In the matters of Good Deeds, then do not look at those below you. Do not look at the layabout and the one who falls short. Rather, look at the pious and those with fear of Almighty so that you may feel thankful to God.

  • Exercise regularly

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which triggers a positive feeling and makes you feel happier. You also feel good because you’re taking care of your body and you’re also releasing stress. If you’re feeling down, try taking a walk or working out daily – and you’ll notice your mood improves drastically.

Happiness! The key to peaceful Life

Now let us put some light on conscious and subconscious mind, as ultimately it affects in decision making process and hence affect our happiness.

For example when we were growing up our parents used to say that if you score good marks in 10th board everything will be fine, then 12th , graduation and so on. There is no doubt that it brings  some happiness but perhaps momentarily, but now that ‘momentarily happiness’ may not our ‘actual happiness’.

How to decide what is good for our happiness and how we are being hacked by temptation and subconscious beliefs. We are more often get carried away by the external factors. We always yearn for the values that are recognized by the world, which may not necessarily give us happiness.

Let us discuss the contradiction between the external and internal factors, and which one to follow? External factors are worldly factors which are materialistic, utilitarian, yearning for more and more wealth, values money more than the lives of people. On the other hand internal forces are those which are within the human beings such as kindness, compaction, respect of individuals and community right, forgiveness, loving and generous.

These two factors are at two different poles and both are antagonistic to each other. As external factors tend to result in frustration and anxiety while the internal factors give soothing feelings and relaxations. Considering the facts that external and internal factors are purely apart. Now here comes, how these internal and external factors are controlled.

Let us consider a case, when government of India poses limit on our movement, called nation wise lock down during Covid-19, we tend to feel that government is curbing our right. Although this is an external factor but when our lives are being determined by external factors, that life is about chasing for materialistic and what modern world recognize money as the form happiness. It means we are not controlling our happiness.

Therefore from the above mentioned analogy and cases, it is concluded that if we will not be respecting and ruling our own internal values which are natural and truly virtuous, then it would be ruled by something else that is external factor which is materialistic and against the nature, and will always bring frustration, anger, anxiety and would change the existence of human being itself. So let us think upon these two factors and do we really want that others will decide our happiness? Which way you want to go, you will have to decide your own, the flow is yours.


So we as a society, promote and respect the individual rights, which ultimately would bring to the path of virtuous and good life and hence get happiness.

So out of the list provided above, how many habits are you practicing consistently? Also, what was your favorite point from this blog? Let us know in the comments below! Until then,

Be Happy…

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