Massive Explosion in Beirut | An accident OR Conspiracy [2020]


An explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, a nation in western Asia, was Tuesday caught on camera and circulated on social media. The recording demonstrated smoke surging close to the port zone of the city, soon before a gigantic cloud of smoke and a shock wave over the city, throwing the people off their feet. It wasn’t the only recording. Various pictures and recordings were turned up from Beirut, capturing the wreckage and fear the event caused.

What actually happened?

There were two explosion in Beirut on Tuesday evening (local time), which happened scarcely close to one another. The blasts occurred in the central port zone of the city. In footage on social media media, it seems like the two impacts were activated in different structures. Following the main impact, the fire spread to a close by building, setting off a greater explosion.

How powerful was the blast?

In Beirut, the impact affected peoples even living far as 10 kilo meters from the site. It even harmed the Baabda Palace, the residence of the Lebanese President. “Doors and windows of the palace’ wings were disjoined,” NNA announced. Nonetheless, nobody was harmed.

In the mean time, the blast was felt about 250 kilo meters away, in the neighboring island of Cyprus, as indicated by the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC). CNN revealed that the impact made seismic waves equivalent to a magnitude 3.3 earthquake. Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri said the size of the misfortunes “were too great to possibly be portrayed”, and the “greatest loss is the loss of many dead and harmed”.

What were the reasons for the Beirut impact?

The impacts were likely activated by seized explosives, stored by the authority close to the port. Major General Abbas Ibrahim, the head of Lebanon’s overall security administration, told state-run National News Agency, that “exceptionally explosive materials” were stored in the structures. These were ammonium nitrate used in fertilizers were seized by the administration years back in September, 2015.

How did the ammonium nitrate end up in Beirut’s port?

What we can be sure of is that a ship headed from Georgia to Mozambique in 2013 faced some technical issues and needed to dock in the Beirut port. After efforts made to release the ship has failed, the ship’s crew hired a Lebanese law firm to present a defense to be permitted to leave. The ship’s owner then abandoned it. The ammonium was later emptied and stored in the Beirut port in 2015 and the arrangement were made to do the auction of these ammonium nitrates.

Indeed, glimmers of what give off an impression of being firecrackers could be found in the recording, following the first impact. Following the impacts, a few local people additionally reported an orange cloud hovering over the city. President Michel Aoun later said there at least 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, utilized in manures and bombs, stored at the port without precautionary measures.

What were number of Casualties and injuries?

As per the latest count check, more than 100 peoples were dead and more than 4,000 injured. Authorities said that the numbers could even rise as the rescue operation is still going on and various peoples are yet to be discovered from the debris.

Following the impact, a few injured peoples were seen faltering through the city’s streets or lying on the floor, due to which several peoples are yet likely to be missing. Among the dead is Nazar Najarian, the secretary-general of the Kataeb political party. He was in his office when the blast triggered and he was succumbed into the injuries.

beirut explosion

How have different nations responded?

US President Donald Trump stood in the solidarity with the Lebanon and he assured the assistance to the victim nation in all possible ways. To a question asked by a journalist on Lebanon attack at a White House Corona virus briefing, Trump answered that he met with some of great commanders and they simply appear to feel that it was an attack,

UK’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab put out a tweet communicating solidarity with Lebanon. “My thoughts and prayers are with those who got affected by the devastating blast in Beirut. The UK remains in solidarity with the individuals of Lebanon and is prepared to offer assistance and backing including to those British nationals who got affected,” he said.

French President Emmanuel Macron said he would send “salvage and help” to Beirut, while Angela Merkel said Germany would also offer Lebanon its assistance.

Iran too offered help. Its foreign minister Javad Zarif tweeted: “Our hearts are with the Lebanese individuals in this great tragedy. Mercy for the martyrs, patience and comfort for the family of victims and quick recovery for the injured. Harmony from God and mercy to this proud nation.”

For what reason was Israel blamed for the blast?

Israel and Lebanon have had no diplomatic relations since 1949. Israel and Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group are bitter enemies of each other, and pressures have been intense after a progression of ongoing conflicts. Prior Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Hezbollah that Israel would not spare a moment to strike again if it believe it to be necessary.

In any case, following the occurrence, Israel offered to assist the nation with clinical and humanitarian help. Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin stated, “We share the pain of the Lebanese individuals and shall offer every possible aid in this troublesome time.”

Astatement released by the Israeli government also stated: “Under the direction of Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gabi Ashkenazi, Israel moved toward Lebanon through universal barrier and strategic channels to offer the Lebanese government clinical aid.

Why the impact further deteriorates things for Lebanon?

The impact further pressurized the healthcare system of Lebanon, which is as of now battling to handle the Corona virus pandemic, and its economy, which is in emergency.

Further, the blast occurred three days before a United Nations-supported council was set to give its decision in the killing of previous Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in a truck bombarding over 15 years ago.

Lebanon has proclaimed a day of national grieving Wednesday.

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