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The fourth Industrial Revolution has already begun. Emerging technologies, no doubt has a huge potential to transform the lines and arrest the untapped resources but also poses unprecedented and glorifying challenges ahead us.

On one hand it brings hopes in providing better and efficient health services, seamless education breaking the dividing line between rich and poor, better and more accurate rainfall forecasting help in dealing with climate changes, creating new avenues of jobs and prosperity, facial recognition to find the lost children and many more.

As per The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Emerging technologies and automation will change up to 1.1 billion jobs over the coming decades. However as per future of jobs report 2018, overall more jobs are expected to be created than lost.

How a new technologies disrupt our political, economic and personal lives?

How to cope up with changes?

As like Corona Virus doesn’t differentiate between rich & poor, AI and Machine Learning don’t respect National boundaries. So it requires Global efforts. A successful Global future will require states, individuals and organisations to innovate and cooperate in entirely new ways.

Today’s technological Revolution is a time of enormous promise, but also of new and emerging challenges. Remember, Artificial Intelligence IoT, machine learning and Quantum computing is just a tool or means, must be harnessed to serve better ends or goal. Technological innovation is meant to solve the most challenging human problems, be it better analysing like the pattern of COVID-19 as done by Blue Dot, Canadian AI solving HIV.

Therefore, considering the concerned and optimism, emerging technologies like AI and machine learning needs to be harnessed provided it fulfils the human and societal good and respect the human values and ethos rather than dehumanizing it. As Harari, says

“Big data analysis leads us to new arm race which clones one group by other, unlike the nuclear weapon which destroys everyone”
The big data analysis would lead one group over the other,  that would be far more dangerous than any other challenges, so to say nuclear war. So, the way forward is combination of being digital and also being very human will lead us to better world than ever before.

Technology Advancements in various fields

  • There is no doubt, Emerging technologies has been the cornerstone of growth of human Civilization whether this ancient hunting tool or method of cooking food or making wheel or the current Civilization owes its existence to technology. The modernity and industrialization are all result of technology.

emerging technologies

  • Time and again Emerging technologies has powered its tremendous benefit and well-being of society or human Civilization in all aspect, be it social, political, economic, health, education, security etc. The inventions like steam engine, spinning wheel all lead to boom in industrialization in Europe improving the standard of lives of people.


  • In health sector, Emerging technologies has enabled to predict the cause and consequences of new challenges. For example Blue Dot the Canadian AI and machine learning start-up is the first to raise the alarm about a worrisome outbreak of a respiratory illness COVID-19 in Wuhan, China. Blue Dot has enabled to transmit news report in 65 languages to detect outbreak and anticipate the dispersion of diseases.
  • Similarly closed loop, and AI start-up with their expertise in healthcare data to identify the highest risk of severe complications and enabled to take steps to avoid vulnerability from COVID-19. Therefore, machine learning is helping in finding pattern by investigating large volume of data and ensure more informed and accurate decision to tackle the threat of COVID-19.
  • Emerging Technologies has transformed our lives as never before. It helps in predicting the Breast Cancer with better and more accuracy. AI and Machine Learning has enabled our lives more conscious of Health and especially the NCD (Non-communicable disease).
  • For example, by clicking, the AI enable watches and phones we could easily know the fat, protein etc, and take remedial steps at home.

Considering the recent pandemic and the nature of infections, AI enabled humanoid it would be an extraordinary milestones. So, Technological Revolution has become the part and parcel of our day to day life.

Agriculture and Climate change

  • In area of agriculture and climate change,Emerging technologies enables the rainfall prediction, unprecedented climate forecasting and consequently taking remedial precautionary steps for instance.
  • The prediction of recent locust attack has only been possible due to efficient Technology. Cyclone Amphan and Cyclone Nisarga would have been even much more disastrous if could not have well informed. With the rising of ocean temperature and frequent natural and man made disaster have made challenging to deal with such unforeseen events.

There have been IPPC report which says, “climate change would have even much more disastrous impact on every aspect of humanity be it social, economic, reducing agriculture productivity,  frequent draught  floods if global temperature of 1.5 degree centigrade above pre-industrial level would reached”.

emerging technologies

  • In agriculture sector, Farming is no more fruitful due to not getting deserving prices as we do not have better infrastructure like integrated supply chain logistics in place. So we need R&D in agriculture sector to give their due and help the farming community to live a respectful life. India hardly spends less than 1% of GDP in R&D.


  • Technology has become lifeline of each and every being. Especially, in education sector more importantly after the COVID-19 outbreak. Across World, online teaching, seminars, meeting with delegates, Recent India-China and Indo-Nepal border dispute resolution, all have been possible just because of revolution in technology.
  • The form of transformation through AI and Machine Learning, post COVID-19 outbreak as never before. It seems we are in new world order. After the World War II, we set up a new world but seems no more valid for post-2020. Essentially, we are in a different world than before. So it need different means and strategy to keep pace with the change.
  • As India and other countries are heading towards holding elections amidst this pandemic. How election to be held and campaigned? It’s not of a great surprise, all this would be possible by using tools of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Quantum computing.

Security Affairs

  • Apart from above mentioned, technology is far important in dealing with internal and external security. As there have been increasing instances of crime against women, school children, cyber threat to government sovereignty and integrity. There is no doubt that technology poses immense threat to People’s personal life and liberty, issues related to privacy.

emerging technologies

  • Recently Zoom application, as reported not be able to data security, and cyber bullying of children, as children are more allowed to gadgets, recent issues related to “Bois Locker Room” term financing, ransom ware, and eternal blue attack in India and across world. “How Blue Whale” promoted children to suicide and many threads of emerging technologies would evolve with the innovation in technology.
  • Nevertheless, all the threat have been possibly detected only by using AI and Machine Learning. For instance, The Kerala police last year developed “CYBERDOME” project with AI enabled, made them possible to trace the Bois locker room, ransom ware attack, etc.

So considering the threat and opportunities, technology is still the most essential part of our coming generation. So it must be explored and applied to serve better human ends. So how do you think, technology advancement did to become one of your essentials to your life?

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